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topography photoOrthokeratology is the science of correcting your refractive error while you sleep so that you don't need your glasses for the next day. These contact lenses are worn overnight and removed the next morning, providing clear vision for the rest of the day. It's a safe alternative to conventional contact lenses, LASIK, and glasses. Children are especially good candidates for orthokeratology. Studies from around the world have indicated that Ortho-K can keep your children's nearsightedness from getting worse. Currently, an ongoing 5 year FDA study is seeking to confirm previous studies and prove anecdotal evidence to this fact. Increasing nearsightedness is also a risk factor for detached retina and glaucoma. Your child is an especially good candidate if they have a tendency to lose or abuse their contact lenses/glasses, or if wearing them interferes with their active life.


  Do you wear glasses or contact lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism?   Are you interested in LASIK but not quite ready?   Are you unable to wear contacts due to allergies or other sensitivities?   Are you tired of getting debris getting under gas permeable lenses?   Do you feel contacts inhibit your ability to enjoy sports, working out, hiking, swimming, or skiing?   Do your child's eyes require a stronger eyeglass prescription every year?   Does your child need contacts but has trouble wearing or caring for them?   Do you want to wake up during the night and see?