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Our Doctor

Dr. Joel Rothman, Optometrist

IMG_1359 Dr. Rothman started the Little Eye Shop with the idea that a visit to the optometrist can truly be a first-class experience. Patient care and comfort has always been a primary goal and along with a highly trained team, Dr. Rothman raises the bar for both him and his staff. Dr. Rothman’s services include comprehensive eye exams, evaluating glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eyes, and many other ocular pathologies. Another major focus of his practice involves custom and/or complicated contact lens fits including orthokeratology, soft lenses for everyday wear, astigmatism, and bifocal fits. All these options become important when creating solutions for people when at the office, athletes looking for peak performance, or heavy computer users. Establishing healthy eyes and great vision starts as a child. Early detection of strabismus (eye turn), amblyopia (lazy eye), and binocular vision (3-D) is key to correcting and resolving these issues. After graduating from the University of Winnipeg with a bachelors in Biology & Biochemistry, Dr. Rothman began attending the Illinois College of Optometry in 2008. Some of his clinical rotations included time at a veteran’s hospital in West Virginia, a private practice in San Jose, California, a cataract and laser centre with five ophthalmologists in central Florida, before returning to Chicago for a rotation in the pediatrics department and contact lens department of the College. When not working, he enjoys going on hikes with his golden retriever, hockey with friends, and being miserable about the Toronto Blue Jays.